GracePointe Church Denton | FOOD PANTRY
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At GracePointe we have sought to find our place in serving the community of Denton. One of the passions of our congregation is to supply food to those in need, being one of the most basic physical needs people have. As we give out food, it is an opportunity to share with people what their greatest need is: a relationship with Jesus Christ.


The following are items the GracePointe Church food pantry collects on a continuous basis, so that we may provide for those in need, in our area each week. If you are able to provide any amount of donated items it is greatly appreciated.


*indicates items that are most in need
* Bags of beans
* Canned beans
* Canned meats
* Sides (ideas…Knorr rice or noodles, or any boxed sides)
* Box meals (chicken/ hamburger/tuna helper)
* Spaghetti sauce
* Peanut butter
* Soups
* Ramen noodles
* Cereal
* Boxes of instant oatmeal packets
* Crackers
* Canned vegetables
* Rice