GracePointe Church Denton | WOMEN’S MINISTRY
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BIBLE STUDY – Click here to view classes we offer at Gracepointe.  Please take note of when classes meet as many do not meet during the summer.


Women’s Bible Study – Wednesdays • 6:15pm • Room 103
This class meets during the fall / winter / spring sessions on campus, and a few weeks off campus during the summer. Is is led by Jan Lowry and Ruby Berger will walk women through different topics throughout the year. For more information contact Ruby Berger [email protected] Jan Lowry [email protected] or Guy Earle [email protected]


Women’s Support Group: Wednesdays • 6:15pm • Room 107
This is a Women’s support group that will meet on Wednesday nights at 6:15 throughout the fall / winter / spring session. Andrea Wyatt, a licensed professional counselor will lead out this group. This is an amazing opportunity to pray and learn what God’s Word has to say to those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. For more information please contact Andrea Wyatt [email protected] or Guy Earle [email protected]


Women’s Bible Study • Off Campus
This women’s group meets every other Thursday throughout the year. This small home group will encourage, pray, and love you through God’s word. For more information regarding time and dates please contact Becky [email protected] or Guy Earle [email protected]


Young Women’s Bible Study  • Off Campus
This is a young women’s group that meets off-campus, led by Courtney Eller. For more information, such as the current meeting location and Bible study book/topic, please feel free to contact Courtney directly at [email protected] or Guy Earle [email protected] This class will meet every other Tuesday night at 6pm for dinner followed by study time.


Mom’s Connect: Wednesdays • 9:30am • Room 107
This is a class for all mothers. Mom’s Connect “is a unique curriculum that brings women together and helps them connect naturally through faith-based discussion.” Childcare is provided. They will meet every other Wednesday in the fall / winter / spring session. For more information please contact Aubrey Felderhoff [email protected] or Guy Earle [email protected]


Women’s Bible Study  • Off Campus
This women’s bible study is led by Tanya Temple and Billie Stone. They will engage in different studies and meet throughout the course of the year, taking intentional breaks from time to time. For more information please contact Tanya Temple [email protected] or Guy Earle [email protected]